Apex Pro

What type of motor racing is Apex for ?

  • Track Racing
  • Road Racing
  • Track Days/HPDE
  • Autocross
  • Road Rally
  • Stage Rally
  • Circle Track (asphalt)
  • Street Performance

How do you install Apex Pro

Peel off the double-sided tape on the base and mount the device on the dash in your direct line of sight; somewhere that you can glimpse the LED’s at any point on the track (think shift lights). See our YouTube channel for installation videos!

Have a unique dashboard layout? Would you rather not stick the baseplate to your dash? Then the APEX Suction Mount is for you!

Does my iPhone has to be in the car to record data ?

Yes, in order to extract post-session data from the device, the phone must retain a bluetooth connection with the device. However, if you want the real-time display only, you can run the APEX device in the Freestyle mode, and leave your phone in the paddock.

Issues logging data? Bluetooth can have issues communicating if there is too much metal around the phone. Some vehicles’ glove boxes can cause this issue. We recommend leaving the phone in your pocket, or in a secure in-car mount.

Apex Pro will be connected to a free iPhone app

How does Apex Pro knows if it’s raining or conditions change

The device does not know what the conditions are; it is simply measuring the grip level. It will recognise that the grip changes when conditions change, and the simulation will adapt and begin to show you a slightly different limit. So regardless of the real world conditions, the device samples data quickly enough to adapt to changing grip levels.

What is my apex score ?

APEX Score shows you how close to the limit of the car’s performance you were driving, on average, during that lap. This is based on what the device has learned about the vehicle by your driving. Note that the lap average APEX Score is often too generous during the first two laps, or the devices “learning phase”. Use your APEX Score as an objective measurement. It can be compared against different cars on the same track. Improvement in APEX Score is one of the best ways to determine if you are learning to use the car’s available performance!

  • Your score is not directly correlated with lap time
  • The more you can consistently approach the outside of edge of the friction circle, the better your score will be!
  • Have an experimenting mindset to improve your score
    • Try new things in low risk corners (lots of run-off, slower speeds, etc.)
    • Try braking earlier and softer, with more of an emphasis on a smoother brake release
    • Try using the steering wheel as little as possible

Battery life?

The lithium ion battery used in your APEX unit is very powerful, and on a full charge will be good to go for an entire day (or more!) of on-track activity. You will get 5 hours of active (on-track) usage from a single charge. You should always charge APEX for 2 hours before a day of track use. 2 hours are needed for a full charge.

What is apex pro doing whilst I drive ?

APEX uses the internal sensors to take measurements while circulating the course. It inputs those measurements into our proprietary model at an extremely fast rate, and learns interpolates with that data what the limit of the car’s capability is.

When the driver reaches the limit of the tire, all green lights are displayed and then red lights quickly appear showing that the current available grip is not being utilized.

What do the LED’s mean in more detail ?

Green lights = your current usage of the vehicle’s available performance (traction, grip, handling capacity etc..)

Red lights = the current available performance that is not being used. This is a suggestion, not a command!

Blank lights = Unavailable grip (lights will be blank if the track has a high grip turn with banking, an uphill brake zone, or a fast cambered corner)

Half green/ half red: Initial brake input/ middle of brake zone = You can brake harder and subsequently later. Late in brake zone/ at turn in = Corner was over-slowed. Try reducing brake pressure sooner. This is an indication that you are not releasing the brakes when you add steering input. Mid corner = Turn was severely over-slowed. Adjust braking input to roll more speed into the corner. Corner Exit = You can add more power!

2 red/ 2 blank: Initial brake input/ middle of brake zone =You are braking close to the tires’ limit. The two blank lights mean that peak grip on the course is not available at that point. Mid corner = You are close to the tires’ limit. You could likely carry 2-3 more MPH mid-corner. Corner Exit = You can add more power!

Mostly red lights = Commonly seen after upshifting while flat out on a straight. This many red lights indicates that you are far under the limit of the tire. This may also be common when in an uphill brake zone, a banked corner, or even a subtly cambered corner. In these situations the track usually has a grip increase that you are under-utilizing. Use this information to build confidence and incrementally increase your speed. Oversteer = You may see red lights appear after sliding the rear tires. All green lights that change quickly to many red lights mean that you are likely over-steering.

All green lights: Initial brake input/ middle of brake zone = You are maximizing the braking potential of the car. Sometimes also means that you braked too late. Front tires will be close to understeering on turn-in. To maintain green lights though the corner, release the brakes as you turn (trailbrake) on corner to allow the tire to transition to maximum lateral load. Mid-corner = You are close to the understeer/oversteer limit of the car and are maximizing your mid-corner speed. You will also see all green lights mid corner while APEX is still building the vehicle dynamics model (first 2-3 laps). Corner exit= In a RWD car you are close to sliding the rear tires and are maximizing the available longitudinal acceleration.

Does Apex Pro work on a go kart or a bike ?

Yes it will work with as long as it’s mounted similarly to being on a car’s dash. The unit needs a clear, unobstructed view of the sky to log laps. APEX does not account for lean angle, so the real time display and APEX Score metric will not be helpful.